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The Caribbean Orchid

A Romance of Norrington and a Lady

CAribbeaNORchid (Canor)
7 July
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This is the journal in which plans for my story "The Caribbean Orchid" are discussed. Please feel free to make suggestions. This is a Norrington and Royal Navy friendly journal. Beckett has his niche here as well.

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I would like to make it known that while I enjoy Norrington's interactions with the Royal Navy, I do not condone, write or take pleasure in reading slash. This is not to say that I do not welcome anyone who does. This is not the place for it...in this corner of LJ, Norrington is VERY heterosexual, and it's not for Elizabeth.

I may make frequent bashings on Elizabeth because I think she is a tramp. Will is a weenie, and Jack is...well, Jack. Fun to write, but not necessarily one I love.

Also, I have the firm belief that there are two divisions of teams, much like in baseball, there are two divisions: National League and American League. In POTC, there is the Pirate Scum League and the Royal Navy League. Each league has several teams. I support one team in each league...

In the Royal Navy League (RNL):

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In the Pirate Scum League (PSL):

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Who do YOU support?

With that preamble out of the way...WELCOME!

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